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Flag: Armory
File(s): Rules(md).ini
Values: Boolean values: yes or no, true or false, 1 or 0
Default: no
Applicable to: BuildingTypes

This flag determines whether the building will automatically promote any infantry that enter it to Elite veterancy status.

The Ammo flag must be used on an armory, otherwise it can only promote one soldier. It can also be used to restrict the number of infantry that can be promoted. Once it has used up all of its "promotions" it will no longer function as an armory. If no restriction is desired, using a value of 999 is practical. -1 won't give it infinite ammo. The game appears to take the absolute value (positive -> positive, negative -> positive) for armories.

If an armory has Powered=yes, it will still function even in a low-power situation.

If an armory is placed offline via an in-game mechanism (like in Tiberian Sun), it will not function.

In Red Alert 2, multiple soldiers can be selected at once and ordered into the armory; forming a queue line similar to the way multiple units enter a transport when ordered simultaneously. This makes promoting your soldiers a much less arduous task than it was in Tiberian Sun, where each soldier would have to be ordered into the armory separately.


Conyard Armory: Just Don't

Applying Armory=yes to a construction yard (ConstructionYard=yes) causes glitchy behavior. When sending an infantry unit in to be promoted, the building will cycle through its image frames rapidly and the unit will never come back out.

Blocked Armory (RA2)

When an infantry unit enters an Armory it disappears and reappears a short time later in the upper left corner of the building. Unfortunately, the unit does not move away from the building when it exits. The unit is partially obscured by the building and can be difficult to mouse-over the correct part of the screen in order to click to select the unit and move it away manually. Units that have just exited the building will also block other units from being ordered to enter until the offending unit is moved away. However if units are already queuing for the building (see above) then the next unit in the queue will enter automatically as soon as the unit ahead of it is moved out of the way).

Partial Fix Accompanied by Cloning Bug (RA2)

By making the Armory a barracks (Factory=InfantryType) you are able to set a rally point in order to avoid the above problem, however doing so will cause any BuildingTypes you have with Cloning=yes set to spawn a copy of the newly-promoted unit (not promoted of course) as if you had just trained it.

Screwy AI with Armory Factory

Using this on a building that also has Factory=UnitType or Factory=InfantryType set causes the AI to spam only one type of unit from that factory, the first vehicle/infantry type that the AI can build (i.e. the AI house is listed as the object's Owner).

Armory Barracks Jackpot IE of Death (TS)

Not only is the aforementioned AI bug a concern, but using a combination armory barracks has other complications as well — dire complications. If a player attempts to train infantry while promoting on the same building, there is a rare chance that both soldiers will try to exit the building at the same moment. This causes an IE (debug code needed).

Glitchy Ammo Logic

If the Armory has a weapon, both promoting infantry AND each firing of the weapon will decrease the Ammo counter. Once the counter is zero, the Armory will no longer fire OR promote infantry as the Armory tag prevents Ammo from reloading.