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Flag: ReloadIncrement
File(s): rules(md).ini
Values: Signed integers: All whole numbers from -2147483648 to 2147483647; in rare cases, only from -32768 to 32767.
Default: 0
Applicable to: TechnoTypes:

AircraftTypes, BuildingTypes, InfantryTypes and VehicleTypes

On units that have PipWrap=0, this flag will simply add this value to the number of frames those units take to automatically1 Reload each round of Ammo.

If PipWrap is set to a positive integer greater than 0, ReloadIncrement can be used to speed up (or slow down if a negative value is used) the rate at which a unit will reload with each successive PipWrap tier. The exact reloading time can be calculated using the following formula2:

"total reload frames" = Reload + ( ReloadIncrement * ( "current ammo" / PipWrap )^2 )

See also


Relevant pseudocode is available at


1 As opposed to manually; see ManualReload.

2 The division of "unit's current ammo" into PipWrap is integer division, which means that any decimal places will be knocked off; i.e. 5/2 = 2, not 2.5.