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Legacy RockPatch Wishlist

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This is legacy information, included here for historical purposes.

Table of Contents

Note: the following wishlist is now OBSOLETE, stored for archiving purposes only.


This page is obsolete. Feature requests are now managed through the Issue Tracker.

How to request a Feature

Go to Click on Login. If you have an account, log into it. If you want to be informed about your request's outcome, plan to request several features, or want to report bugs later, click Signup for a new account and register; if not, click Login Anonymously. Once you are logged in, either normally or anonymously, click on Report Issue. If you didn't do so already, the system will ask you to select a project. Choose RockPatch2 and click Select Project. Now set:

  • Category: Feature Request
  • Reproducibility: N/A
  • Severity: feature
  • Product Version: empty
  • Summary: A one-sentence description of your request - this is what will appear in the issue list, so if you want pd to actually read it, summaries like "ADD THIS PLEASE!!!1!!" are not a good idea.
  • Description: A detailed description of your request - don't write novels, but the more details you have, the easier pd can assess the wish.
  • Additional Information: What the title says - possibly a summarized list of the suggested ini flags or something like that. Anything you have in your head about your wish that doesn't quite fit into the request as such.
  • Upload file: This is mainly used for bug reports, but if you did something like a photoshop mockup of your request, you could attach it here.
  • View Status: Public
  • Report Stay: If you wish to return to the report form to add more requests or bug reports, check this.

Afterwards, click Submit Report. Congratulations, you just requested a feature.

The Reason for this Change

On first glance, this new procedure may look a lot more complicated than the previous one, but check out what you get in return:

  • Status reports - each request is a single item in the database with its own status information like priority, eta, status, etc., etc.; you won't just know whether pd generally works on your request, but you can see in detail how long he things it'll take, how far he is, and in which version it will be available.
  • Comments - in the past, there were often opinions or improvement suggestions on wishes by other users. For reasons of order, commenting directly on the page was prohibited; on the tracker, this is not the case. As each issue has its own page, everyone can leave a note at the bottom specifically for that wish, giving his opinion or suggesting improvements for it.
  • Roadmap & Changelog - with both feature requests and bugs tracked by the same system, said system can directly and immediately calculate how close to completion the currently worked on version is. No need to wait for updated wiki pages or forum posts - just check the percentage on the roadmap!

And that's just what you get out of it. For pd, it means a lot less management effort, and an easy way to quickly assess, prioritize and plan feature additions. When he dismisses a wish, it's marked as dismissed. When he chooses a wish, it's automatically on the roadmap. A cleaner environment for both sides, and less time spent updating ModEnc for pd.

The other pages of this wishlist exist soleley for archiving purposes.