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HouseTypeClass - Member Variables

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This is the offset table for the member variables of the HouseTypeClass class.

Offset Type Name Description
0x98 char[0x18] ParentCountry
0xB0 BYTE reserved Zero-termination of the ParentCountry string.
0xB1 BYTE unused
0xB2 WORD unused
0xB4 int Index Index in the global HouseTypeClass array.
0xB8 int Index Index in the global HouseTypeClass array.
(stored twice for some reason?)
0xBC int Side index Index of this country's side in the global SideClass array.
0xC0 ColorScheme* Color
0xC4 DWORD unused
0xC8 double Firepower
0xD0 double Groundspeed
0xD8 double Airspeed
0xE0 double Armor
0xE8 double ROF
0xF0 double Cost
0xF8 double BuildTime
0x100 float ArmorInfantryMult
0x104 float ArmorUnitsMult
0x108 float ArmorAircraftMult
0x10C float ArmorBuildingsMult
0x110 float ArmorDefensesMult
0x114 float CostInfantryMult
0x118 float CostUnitsMult
0x11C float CostAircraftMult
0x120 float CostBuildingsMult
0x124 float CostDefensesMult
0x128 float SpeedInfantryMult
0x12C float SpeedUnitsMult
0x130 float SpeedAircraftMult
0x134 float BuildTimeInfantryMult
0x138 float BuildTimeUnitsMult
0x13C float BuildTimeAircraftMult
0x140 float BuildTimeBuildingsMult
0x144 float BuildTimeDefensesMult
0x148 float IncomeMult
0x14C vector<InfantryTypeClass*> VeteranInfantry
0x168 vector<UnitTypeClass*> VeteranUnits
0x184 vector<AircraftTypeClass*> VeteranAircraft
0x1A0 char[0x4] Suffix
0x1A4 char[0x1] Prefix
0x1A5 bool Multiplay
0x1A6 bool MultiplayPassive
0x1A7 bool WallOwner
0x1A8 bool SmartAI
0x1A9 BYTE unused
0x1AA WORD unused
0x1AC DWORD unused