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Flag: OccupyWeapon
File(s): rules(md).ini
Values: Strings: Normal text. (Limited to: Weapons)
Default: Primary
Applicable to: InfantryTypes

This flag specifies the weapon that an infantry with Occupier=yes should fire when occupying a building with CanBeOccupied=yes and MaxNumberOccupants set to a positive integer greater than 0.

If the infantry's veterancy status is "elite", it will instead use the weapon specified by EliteOccupyWeapon.

The range of any weapon fired by an occupant is overridden by [CombatDamage]OccupyWeaponRange. Those weapons also get additional multiplers to Damage and ROF specified by [CombatDamage]OccupyDamageMultiplier and [CombatDamage]OccupyROFMultiplier, respectively.

If a weapon fired by an occupant has OccupantAnim set to any valid animation, it will be displayed when the weapon is fired accordingly.

Cc documentinfo.png Automatic List Inclusion

Weapons used as values for this flag are automatically listed under the internal [Weapons] array. However no harm can be done by listing them manually.

Different implementation for Red Alert 2

This needs testing
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The following section contains information that has not been personally confirmed by the revision's author; readers are encouraged to test it themselves and update the section accordingly.

For Red Alert 2 without the Yuri's Revenge expansion, which weapon each occupant fires is instead determined by the building itself. Primary is used by a player controlling any country listed under [Sides]GDI1; Secondary for [Sides]Nod1.

Interestingly, this akward implementation allows infantry to fire different weapons depending on the building they are occupying.

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1 Note that "GDI" and "Nod" are residual from the Tiberian Sun engine and are treated as the Allied and Soviet sides respectively in Red Alert 2.