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Flag: CanRetaliate
File(s): Rules(md).ini
Values: Boolean values: yes or no, true or false, 1 or 0
Default: yes
Applicable to: TechnoTypes

Specifies if this object may retaliate when hit by enemy fire. Retaliation is only possible if none of the following conditions are met:

  • Friendly fire.
  • The victim...
    • Is being attacked by a warhead with Temporal=yes.
    • Was hit by an EMPulseWarhead and is currently paralyzed.
    • Was destroyed by the attack.
    • Is currently following an order. That includes non-patrol waypoints.
  • The aggressor...
    • Is a special weapon such as a superweapon or a spawned projectile (V3 or Dreadnought missile).
    • Does less than 1 point of damage to the victim.
    • Is shielded by an Iron Curtain.
    • Is an illegal target for the victim: Immune=yes, LegalTarget=no, is flying but the victim has no weapons with AA=yes, is a surface target but the victim's LandTargeting/NavalTargeting disallow an attack or has an armor type against which the victim's warheads have Verses=0%.
    • Has Cloak=yes, Cloakable=yes or is in range of a CloakGenerator.
    • Is already destroyed.
  • The aggressor is out of range for the victim while the victim is player-controlled and has PlayerReturnFire=no.

If the aggressor comes into the defender's weapons range with a ThreatPosed of non-zero value and the defender has CanPassiveAquire=yes, the value of CanRetaliate is irrelevant as the defender will initiate combat regardless of who hurt.

If the defender is a player-owned unit and PlayerReturnFire=yes, the defender will retaliate against attacks from outside weapons range by autonomously closing into range first (this is the default behavior for the AI's units). In this case, the defender behaves as if it received a force fire order on the aggressor and thus won't stop retaliating until further retaliation is impossible as per the conditions listed above, even if it means chasing the aggressor across the map.

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