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Flag: Temporal
File(s): Rules(md).ini
Values: boolean
Default: no
Applicable to: Warheads

Needs Transcribing
Pseudocode relevant to this article is available at Please update this article with information revealed by the pseudocode.

If Temporal=yes is set on a weapon's warhead, then the target will be "frozen" and gradually erased from time. The affected unit is rendered transparent, and the animation specified by [AudioVisual]→ChronoSparkle1 is played over it. Whilst a unit is frozen it cannot be targeted or affected by any other warhead (except other Temporal=yes warheads), and is unable to move or attack.

The firing unit must continue firing the weapon at the target until the target is erased, otherwise the target will unfreeze unharmed. The delay necessary to erase an object depends on the weapon's Damage - each frame, a Temporal weapon firing at a target "takes away" as many points as its Damage dictates, and the unit gets erased when 10 * its maximum hitpoints have been "taken away". The duration completely ignores warhead percentages or current unit hitpoints.

Objects that have Warpable=no set cannot be targeted (and thus cannot be affected) by a Temporal=yes warhead.

Note that Temporal=yes warheads will cause an Internal Error when detonated if any of the following conditions are true:

  • Firing weapon is a shrapnel weapon.
  • Firing weapon is an urban combat weapon (fired from an occupied building).
  • Warhead has a non-zero CellSpread set.
  • Warhead also uses the Culling=yes flag (which doesn't apply to non-squidlike units anyway).
  • Firing weapon is a secondary weapon (except for Infantry with Deployer=yes and DeployFire=yes).