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Flag: ConditionYellow
File(s): rules(md).ini
Values: Percentages: Either a direct percentage (e.g. "50%"), or a floating point value (e.g. "0.5").
Default: 50%
Applicable to: General (in RA), AudioVisual (in TS to YR)

When an object is damaged to this percentage of its original Strength value, the color of its health bar turns yellow.

Under condition yellow and red health, a building's damaged frames are shown and in RA2/YR, building on fire animation is also shown. For CanBeOccupied=yes structures, on fire animation is shown on condition red only. For civilian buildings (CanBeOccupied=yes and TechLevel=-1), both damaged frames and on fire animation is shown on condition red only.

In addition, many other features depend on this setting, including, but not limited to:

Note: Smoke-type particle effects and building damage sound are hardcoded to play once the object's health drops below 50%.

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