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TurretAnim= tag should be set to the animation to be rendered as a turret on this buildingtype. The turret animations can be two types:

Voxel turret

To render a voxel turret on a building, simply put the voxel's file name into the TurretAnim= input and give the building the additional tag TurretAnimIsVoxel=true ; the game will render the voxel directly onto the building without a need for a corresponding art.ini entry

.Shp turret

To render a .shp turret on a building, list the .shp animation entry in the TurretAnim= input and see that TurretAnimIsVoxel=false ; the game will expect that the turret animation has an art.ini entry. Turrets should be 32 frames and can have shadow frames, which unlike .shp based vehicles turrets, do animate their shadows. It will also need these:





Animation orientation should start from the ▲ direction and rotate counter clockwise like so: