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Waypoints are like bookmarks on a map - they address a certain cell. They have multiple uses:

  • The Waypoints numbered 0 - 7 are used as starting points for each of the 8 possible players.
  • The [Basic]HomeCell= use waypoints to determine where the screen should be focused in a map at startup.
  • Most Map Events and Map Actions make use of them.
  • Most map elements use them as well.


In each of the classic C&C games and their expansion packs, the [Waypoints] section in a map takes the following format:

Meanings of each string
String Meaning
Index The Index of this waypoint. Unlike lists such as [InfantryTypes], the index does matter - the game allocates space for a limited number of Waypoints and will interpret Index as the number of the waypoint in that space.
COORDS The number containing the coordinates of the cell. It is interpreted as Y * Coefficient + X, with Coefficient having the value of

Letter-based addressing

Not all of the features using Waypoints refer to them by their Index. Some of them use letters for this purpose. To convert an Index to a lettered reference, you need to divide the Index by 26 and then convert the result - 1 and the remainder values to letters A-Z and concatenate them (skip the first value if result is 0). Waypoint #0 is A, Waypoint #25 is Z, #26 is AA and so on. Or you can look at your favourite spreadsheet's column numbering, it uses the same principle.