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Flag: Organic
File(s): rules(md).ini
Values: Boolean values: yes or no, true or false, 1 or 0
Default: true on InfantryTypes, false on others
Applicable to: TechnoTypes:

AircraftTypes, BuildingTypes, InfantryTypes and VehicleTypes

  • Kills this TechnoType when exposed to the ChronoSphere or Iron Curtaining, uses [CombatDamage]C4Warhead= and Strength for Damage.
  • If you want the infantry not to be killed by them, you need to modify C4Warhead, like AffectsAllies=no.
    • This can even make Ares' Iron Curtain Warhead effective for InfantryType.
      • But for an Iron Curtaion type SuperWeapon, although your InfantryType will not die, its HP will be deducted to only 1.
  • Prevents this TechnoType from being a valid target for weapons with IsLocomotor=yes warheads.
  • If the TechnoType with this flag also has Naval=yes set, it uses the Squid-like behaviour for Parasite instead of Terror Drone-like.
    • And it is necessary for Culling logic.(Unless you use Ares above version 3.0)
  • If another TechnoType targeting this object has NavalTargeting=3(ORGANIC_SECONDARY) and this object is in the water, makes the attacker use the Secondary weapon for attacking it.
  • A TechnoType with this flag set and both Underwater=yes and SelfHealing=yes set uses its GuardRange instead of the larger of its two first weapons' Ranges for scanning for targets.
  • Makes this VehicleType be affected by the Tech Hospital's Auto-Heal instead of Tech Machine Shop's Auto-Repair.
    • Applies the Infantry styled Auto-Heal pip (red cross) to this VehicleType if possible.

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