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WarheadTypeClass - Member Variables

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This is the offset table for the member variables of the WarheadTypeClass class.

Offset Type Name Description
0x98 double Deform
0xA0 double Verses - None
0xA8 double Verses - Flak
0xB0 double Verses - Plate
0xB8 double Verses - Light
0xC0 double Verses - Medium
0xC8 double Verses - Heavy
0xD0 double Verses - Wood
0xD8 double Verses - Steel
0xE0 double Verses - Concrete
0xE8 double Verses - Special_1
0xF0 double Verses - Special_2
0xF8 double ProneDamage
0x100 int DeformThreshhold
0x104 vector<AnimTypeClass*> AnimList
0x120 int InfDeath
0x124 float CellSpread
0x128 float CellInset
0x12C float PercentAtMax
0x130 bool CausesDelayKill
0x134 int DelayKillFrames
0x138 float DelayKillAtMax
0x13C float CombatLightSize
0x140 ParticleTypeClass* Particle
0x144 bool Wall
0x145 bool WallAbsoluteDestroyer
0x146 bool PenetratesBunker
0x147 bool Wood
0x148 bool Tiberium
0x149 bool unknown This will be set to true if either Versus Medium or Verses Wood is greater than zero.
0x14A bool Sparky
0x14B bool Sonic
0x14C bool Fire
0x14D bool Conventional
0x14E bool Rocker
0x14F bool DirectRocker
0x150 bool Bright
0x151 bool CLDisableRed
0x152 bool CLDisableGreen
0x153 bool CLDisableBlue
0x154 bool EMEffect
0x155 bool MindControl
0x156 bool Poison
0x157 bool IvanBomb
0x158 bool ElectricAssault
0x159 bool Parasite
0x15A bool Temporal
0x15B bool IsLocomotor
0x15C CLSID Locomotor
0x16C bool Airstrike
0x16D bool Psychedelic
0x16E bool BombDisarm
0x170 int Paralyzes
0x174 bool Culling
0x175 bool MakesDisguise
0x176 bool NukeMaker
0x177 bool Radiation
0x178 bool PsychicDamage
0x179 bool AffectsAllies
0x17A bool Bullets
0x17B bool Veinhole
0x17C int ShakeXlo
0x180 int ShakeXhi
0x184 int ShakeYlo
0x188 int ShakeYhi
0x18C vector<VoxelAnimTypeClass*> DebrisTypes
0x1A8 vector<int> DebrisMaximums
0x1C4 int MaxDebris
0x1C8 int MinDebris